Hello, I'm Ziyan Zhou, Lead Backend System Engineer at MUJIN Robotics.

Also a maker, tinkerer, and former operating system developer at Microsoft. I believe the most powerful way to change the world is through programming.


Feel free to reach out to me on the contact me page.

  • Lead Backend System Engineer, MUJIN Inc.
    2015/02 - current

    Help create and ship the world's first pick-and-place robotic solution.

  • Software Development Engineer, Microsoft
    2010/08 - 2015/01

    Development for Windows networking stacks. Worked on Windows 8/8.1/10, Internet Explorer 9/10/11, Microsoft Edge and Windows Phone. C/C++ user and kernel mode operating system components development.

    operating system
  • Intern Software Development Engineer, Microsoft
    2009/06 - 2009/11

    Experience in Core Networking Development team of Core OS Division (COSD). Windows HTTP client APIs new feature prototyping, performance improvement. Contribution to Internet Explorer 9 and release of Microsoft Windows 8. Experience with Windows internals and Windows low level C/C++ programming.

    operating system
  • Co-op Software Engineer, IBM
    2008/03 - 2008/09

    Worked in a team to deliver new functions for a new IBM Rational product. Experience with Jazz, Eclipse RCP, Eclipse Plug-in, Eclipse Modeling Framework, Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework, Ant, and JUnit Testing.

  • Vice President / Member, Multi-disciplinary Robotics Club, RIT
    2006/12 - 2010/06

    Worked at RIT Robotics Club to develop robots and autonomous ground vehicles. Experience in AVR, PIC, image processing, DGPS, LIDAR, digital compass, accelerometers. Contribution to winning IGVC 2007 JAUS Challenge and 1st place MiniGrand Challenge 2009.


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